Mark Kirk Backs Gay Marriage

It’s nice to see some good news! Maybe decency is on the upswing.

As for Murkowski, when people say their “position is evolving” all I hear is “I’m a coward”.
That includes you, Mr. President. Biden did you a huge favor by forcing you to change your position.

Sometimes people need a push. Obama was pushed by Biden. Sen. Portman was pushed by recognizing the humanity of his son. Sen. Kirk was apparently pushed by his own conscience, by far the morally superior push of the bunch, especially considering the hostile state of today’s GOP.

The set-in-stone mentality of politicians is a huge problem. People change their minds, they learn and grow. Why do politicians so often feel ashamed and fear some perceived weakness if they change their stance on a policy?

Publicly admitting you were wrong and doing something about it takes real courage and conviction.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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